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    Love Where You Liv

    Meet Our Agents

    Search All The Home Listings You Want... No Sign in Required. Ever.

    We've happily left the old-fashioned approach to buying and selling homes to the other guys -- the ones that see homes as properties and people as paychecks. At Liv Real Estate®, we look to the future when it comes to helping you buy or sell your home.


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    About Us

    Originally known as K.W. Johnston Real Estate, our company was founded in 1975 by Ken Johnston, as a small family owned and operated real estate firm. By 1985 the brokerage had grown to become one of the largest independent real estate brokerages in Edmonton.

    In 1993, headed by Ken's son Sheldon Johnston, the firm joined an international franchise, a relationship that lasted nearly 20 years. In 2005, Sara MacLennan joined the team to establish the brokerage‚Äôs online marketing, and is now the marketing director of the brokerage. In 2012, the franchised brand was no longer a good fit for the personality of the brokerage. So, Sheldon and Sara repositioned the firm, developed its brand strategy, and created its new identity: Liv Real Estate®.

    Love where you Liv™.
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